We know you want your guests talking about the amazing experience they had long after it’s over. As your partner, we go above and beyond to ensure that they are.

After years of experience in the entertainment industry, we realized it’s all about the experience you walk away with.

That spirit informs everything we do in Dat Band, but here’s the how and why. If you don’t find an answer to your question, call or text 504-872-3925, email us, or use our live chat!

What makes Dat Band different?
  • Most bands focus on how they look and sound, but Dat Band focuses on the experience you walk away with. We do this by interacting with your guests to make them feel like a part of our performance.
  • We host events like dance competitions, live band karaoke, conga lines and more to interact and make your guests a part of the action. But don’t take our word for it…

“…the lead singer joined us on the dance floor at times, making everyone feel they were a part of what the band was doing. They started the evening off with a dance-off. That set the stage for an entire evening of dancing. There wasn’t a song all night where the dance floor wasn’t packed.”

~Mark B.

How much does the band cost?

Prices generally range between $3,000-12,000 and varies based on some key factors like:

  • Where your venue is located (we travel anywhere, although travel fees and overnight accommodations aren’t included in the $3,000-12,000)
  • How long your event lasts
  • The size of the band requested for your main event (5-13 pieces)
  • The number of add-on services we provide (like second lines, a separate cocktail hour band, wedding ceremony music, etc.)

Since each event is different, please contact us so we have a good understanding of what you’re looking for, and to make sure we don’t leave out anything important to you.

How do I book Dat Band for my event?
  • Step 1: let’s have a conversation so we understand the event you want. We’re happy to meet by phone, virtual meeting or in person.
  • Step 2: we hold your date with a signed contract and a deposit
  • Step 3: we consult with you regularly along the way leading up to your event to make sure you get exactly what you want
What music do you play?
  • You can see our full song list here. Our goal is to cater to a wide variety of tastes, both young and old, all while reading the crowd to keep your dance floor packed!
  • We’ll happily take special requests before your event to make sure we play all the music you’d like to hear. We even take special requests during your event!
Where can I see you play?
When is the best time to book the band?

We tend to book well in advance, usually 12-16 months ahead of time during our peak season from Sept through May, so it’s best to place a deposit on your date as soon possible to ensure our availability.

How big is the main band?
  • We can customize our party / reception band from 5-13 pieces, but a majority of our clients tend to hire us as a 7-11 piece band
  • Lineups can feature both male & female lead vocals, rhythm section, and horn players like saxophone, trumpet, and trombone. If you’re unsure about what you want or need, let’s talk so we can advise you on the best size group for your event.
How big a band should I hire?
  • Keep in mind that a bigger band will sound fuller, but not necessarily louder, and allow us to cover a wider variety of music.
  • Although we can work with as few as 5 in some situations, the sweet spot tends to be 7-11 pieces. This allows us to cover a wider variety of music including male and female lead songs.
  • Smaller venues tend to be far more conservative than necessary, and will insist that you can only hire a certain size band. For instance, there’s hardly any difference in space needed for a 4 person band vs. a 6 person band.
Are you just an event / reception band or do you offer anything else?
  • We maintain a network of musicians, specialists, and equipment for a truly start-to-finish approach for your event. In addition to your main event band, we can provide:
    • A traditional New Orleans second line brass band
    • Full street parade experience for second lines with parade permit, police details, and all planning & logistics
    • Live music for wedding ceremonies (ex. string quartet, solo classical guitar or piano, etc.)
    • Wireless mic & amplification for officiant during wedding ceremonies (this system can also play back recorded music instead of having live music)
    • Live cocktail hour music
    • Professional emcee service
    • We even offer videography services!
  • Pro Tip: if you’re looking for as stress-free of an experience as possible, find great vendors who do lots of things well and let them do it all!
Do you perform second lines?
  • Absolutely! We have a traditional, marching brass band that is perfect for second lines.
  • We can also offer to fully plan your street parade in New Orleans. This means that we provide the marching brass band, parade permit, police details, and all of the planning & logistics. We handle every single detail, so all you do is show up ready to party! Contact us for more info.
Can you provide live cocktail hour music?
  • Yes! We do provide live cocktail hour music on a regular basis.
  • The style of music for cocktail hour can be custom tailored: for example, it could be lighter easy listening music (think Otis Redding, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, etc.), traditional vocal & instrumental jazz, or even just a solo guitar for a more intimate feel.
  • Let’s talk about what may be the best fit for your event.
Do you offer any other services?
  • If a picture captures 1,000 words what could you say about a video? Our partner in videography, Leduc Entertainment focuses on capturing those amazing moments and creating a beautiful memory that will last forever.
What does the band wear?

The band always dresses according to the event, but by default, we wear formal attire. We can dress more formal for black tie events or more casual for an intimate, less formal event.

What’s included in the price?

You’ll get everything you need for a live band at your event and nothing you don’t. This includes:

  • Minimum 3 hour live music performance with some quick band breaks (you can easily add more time)
  • Basic DJ service during all live band breaks
  • Premium sound with a dedicated sound person for up to 500 guests (sound reinforcement for more than 500 guests is available for an additional fee, please inquire with us for options)
  • Stage lighting for the band (we don’t offer any venue lighting / uplighting, but we’re happy to make recommendations for you)
  • All the equipment, musicians, and support staff we need to perform
  • Complete load in, set up, tear down and load out of all equipment
  • PS. We don’t provide a stage. A stage for the band can be a nice touch, but it’s definitely not required!
Do you require a deposit?

Yes. We require a minimum 30% non-refundable deposit to hold your date on our calendar and turn away any other business.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We offer secure online bank transfer with a checking or savings account, and also accept major credit cards with an online processing fee. We also accept checks, money orders, or cash.

Are travel costs included?
  • Because we travel anywhere, and each situation is different, travel costs outside of the Greater New Orleans area are not included.
  • For safety’s sake, we also require overnight accommodations to sleep the full band and 2 person production team for any events outside of a 200 mile radius from our home base of New Orleans, LA.
  • It’s best to start a conversation with us so we can give you a quote including all the details.
How much space does the band need?
  • We’re used to working from as small a footprint as possible to maximize the dance floor.
  • By default, we ask for an area of 10 feet deep by 20 feet wide for a larger band (9+), but the space available will always dictate our setup. Smaller band sizes (5-9) will require less space.
  • We’re always going to prioritize the dance floor space to make sure everyone has plenty of room to cut loose!
  • Most small venues tend to be far more conservative than necessary. For instance, our 7 piece band takes up barely any more space than our basic 5 piece band, so let’s talk about your venue before making any assumptions.
My venue is small. Will the band be too loud?

Rest assured, we’re experts at tuning our sound system to a room. The band won’t be too loud – you’ll be able to carry a conversation with no problem.

Do I have to provide anything for the band?
  • A covered space for all outdoor events
  • A hot meal for any events where we’ll be present for 5 or more hours (including setup and teardown)

Helpful tips:

  • The band will provide all the equipment we need to perform including professional sound and stage lighting, but not a stage. A stage may be a great touch but isn’t required for the band to perform.
  • Overnight accommodations for the band for events further than a 2 hour drive from Downtown New Orleans
How long will you play for?
  • Our minimum performance time is 3 hours for a party / reception band. It’s also super easy to add additional hours for a small fee.
  • PRO TIP: On average you’ll hear between 30-40 songs at a typical 3-4 hour event
  • For smaller functions we can feature a soloist or small ensemble for less than 3 hours. It’s best to contact us to talk specifics since each event is different.
What about music during band breaks?

Dat Band includes basic DJ service during any live music breaks at no additional charge.

You are welcome to provide us with your own playlist or defer to ours which has been curated after hundreds if not thousands of events. There will never be a break in the party!

What time does the band arrive to set up?
  • We typically ask for a 3 hour window to load equipment in and set up a sound check with enough time not to interrupt your event.
  • We may need more time in certain situations, such as when a wedding ceremony and reception are being hosted at the same venue.
Can pick what music I want to hear?

Absolutely! We also provide our set list on our website, along with video and audio examples, which you can find here.

Will you learn special requests?
  • Yes – we can learn 3 songs for you at a small fee! The fee depends on the amount of work involved in the song’s arrangement, but with typical requests think hundreds, not thousands. Please contact us to find out more.
  • We ask for 2 months notice minimum to incorporate these requests into our regular rehearsals.
Do you provide an MC to make announcements?

Yes. This works best to ensure a perfect flow from start to finish. Our professionally trained Emcees will keep your guests engaged so there’s never any question about what’s next. Unlike other bands, Dat Band includes this service at no extra charge!

When should I serve dinner / open the buffet?

In our experience, most guests want to enjoy a quick bite and get to dancing the night away as soon as possible, so having your caterer prepare the meal for as soon as the reception starts will help to make for the most partying you can possibly get.

Do you provide ceremony music?


  • We can provide that string section you’ve always dreamed of playing you down the aisle, or maybe you’re into something more intimate – like a solo classical acoustic guitar?
  • Because of our network of artists & specialists, we’re flexible. Get in touch with us to talk about what your perfect ceremony music sounds like.
Do you perform second lines?


  • We have a traditional, marching brass band that is perfect for second lines.
  • We can also fully plan your street parade in New Orleans. This means that we provide the brass band, parade permitting, police detail, and planning & logistics, so you just show up ready to party!
Do you provide live cocktail hour music?


  • We do provide cocktail hour music on a regular basis.
  • The style of music can be custom tailored. For example, this could be lighter easy listening music (think The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, James Taylor, etc.), traditional instrumental jazz, or even a solo guitar for a more intimate feel.
  • Let’s talk about what may be the best fit for your event.
What about first dances at wedding?
  • The band can play first dance songs live, and we’re happy to learn songs we don’t already know for a small fee. We’re just as happy to play the original artist’s recording over our premium sound system.
  • PRO TIP: After having performed countless weddings over the years, first dances are usually best received when kept brief, around three minutes most or less.
Should I have toasts at my wedding reception?
  • Although it’s traditional to deliver toasts at the rehearsal dinner, doing toasts during the reception is becoming more popular. Just keep in mind that this means less time dancing!
  • Please don’t drop the mic!!! Our equipment is expensive ($1,000 and up) and if someone from your party drops our gear we’ll have no choice but to charge you for replacements.
  • PRO TIP: We recommend that each toast take no more than about 3-5 minutes each, with no more than 2-3 toasts. Quality over quantity goes a long way here!
Should I hire a wedding planner?
  • If you want as carefree a wedding as possible, you should definitely hire a great wedding planner. An experienced and reputable planner will help you to create a comprehensive timeline and take care of everything down to the smallest detail.
  • Let us know if you’re struggling to find someone and we’ll happily make some recommendations.
Do you offer any other services?


  • If a picture captures 1,000 words what could you say about a video? Our partner in videography, Leduc Entertainment focuses on capturing those amazing moments and creating a beautiful memory that will last forever.


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